Property Potential Report

When buying a house, you are also buying the property - including the property's unrealized potential. Order a Property Potential Report to learn about what county zoning and the existing lot conditions allow - whether renovating the existing space, adding new living space, building a new house, or building an accessory dwelling unit to earn additional rental income.


    Beckwith Homes is a Class A General Contractor that has been investing in real estate in Arlington, Va. and Washington, DC for more than 10 years.  In that time, they have analyzed the potential of hundreds of properties to determine what improvements are possible, and what the benefits would be.  This is valuable information for an investor, but it can also be useful information to anyone buying a house - especially when buying an older home.  New homes in Arlington sell for well over $1 million, pricing a lot of people out of that part of the market. And many of the more affordable homes are older and/or too small for what the buyer either currently needs, or might eventually need.  


    This report incorporates Beckwith Homes knowledge and experience analyzing the potential of residential properties into a well researched opinion about the potential of those properties.  Included is an estimated site plan CAD drawing, utilizing Local Government satellite imagery mapping to estimate the location and measurements of the existing features on the lot. The estimated site plan also depicts zoning restrictions, showing the allowed building envelope.  A table next to the drawing compares the zoning ordinance restrictions for this lot against the estimated measurements and sizes of the features of the lot. The results of this comparison are the remaining estimated potential of the lot. This information, and other information from the listing, are used to analyze the estimated potential for renovations, additions, doing a teardown, or building an accessory dwelling unit.


    Currently providing reports for single-family homes in Arlington, McLean, Vienna, Alexandria, and Falls Church.  Enter the address for the property requested in the text box above.  By purchasing a report today, your order is captured online and placed in queue.  Within a week, your report will be completed and emailed to the email address provided.


    1. This report is a professional opinion from a licensed contractor and experienced real estate investor from online records.  This report does not include a site visit, nor does it incorporate data from an official lot survey. The accuracy of the estimated location and measurements of the features of the lot, and the resulting analysis, is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate, but a good faith estimate.  


    2. This report does not include an analysis of the title.  There may be title restrictions on the property, like easements, that could impact the ability for a project to be allowed.  


    3. For a more accurate opinion, the owner should consult with a title specialist and a licensed surveyor to verify any title issues that could affect the approval of a specific project, and to obtain more accurate locations and measurements of the features of the lot.  They should also consult with architects, engineers, builders, and county planning officials to gain further confirmation that what they want to do is allowed.


    4. The county also changes zoning ordinance restrictions from time to time, and the analysis in this report related to the zoning ordinance restrictions is only verified up to the date and time it was written.  The owner should consult with county planning officials to confirm the accuracy of the zoning restrictions and a lawyer to confirm Beckwith Homes’s analysis of the applicable code and zoning provisions.


    5. The extent of Beckwith Homes opinion is contained within this written report and no oral or other written communications from Beckwith Homes should be construed to amend or augment this report.